About us

The first Bulgarian school in Northern Ireland was opened on 12th September 2015 in the town of Armagh.

We are proud and happy to have a school where our children are learning the wealth of Bulgarian language!

The school was founded under the aegis of ABCE (Association Bulgarian Culture and Education), registered according to the local legislation of Northern Ireland.

Our school will train pupils with Bulgarian and mixed origin and their teachers will be specialists with university pedagogical education.

We are looking forward to seeing you in “Ivan Vazov” First Bulgarian School!

Principal: Valentina Stefanova
Parent Committee (re-elected on 7th September 2019):
Chairman: Kiril Penchev
Vice-Chairman: Radoslava Ivanova
Secretary: Alexander Georgiev
Vice-Secretary: Nedyalka Ivanova Clark
Cashier: Teodora Serafimova
Vice-Treasurer: Mariana Obraztsova